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Tired of your physics professor and their 100,000 formulas ? You don't want to memorize more, only apply? Well, Phisics is your solution.<br>Search on the desired menu item, chose what you want to calculate, enter data and voila, Phisics returns the result in the unit that you ask nothing of dealing with complicated formulas.<br>It also returns the result in scientific notation as desired , Phisics does everything for you.<br>Also, in case you need the formula for any subject, press the button "Show formule" and you have it.<br><br>Topics ( For the moment, more to be added ) :<br>-Linear Motion<br>--Velocity<br>--Distance<br>--Time<br>Free Fall<br>--Calculate Time<br>--Calculate Instantaneous Speed<br>--Calculate Height<br>--Calculate Gravity<br>Vertical shot<br>--Calculate Height<br>--Calculate instantaneous speed<br>-.Calculate Maximum Height<br>-Uniform Acceleration<br>--Velocity<br>--Distance (two different ways)<br>--Time (two different ways)<br>--Acceleration<br>-Circular Motion<br>--Centripetal Acceleration<br>--Tangential Velocitu<br>--Angular Velocity<br>--Angular Acceleration<br>--Period<br>-Force<br>--Force/Tension (With varying amount of mass )<br>--Work<br>-Energy<br>--Mechanical Energy<br>--Kinetic Energy<br>--Potential Energy<br><br>I appreciate that put in the comments other formulas like to be added .<br><br>Clarifications :<br>Internet permissions are for the ads .<br>The developer is not responsible for its misuse in the educational arena.