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Photo Retouch - Easy Touch to Erase

Photo Retouch - Easy Touch to Erase<br><br>Photo Retouch app that comes with great and handy features to retouch your photos.<br><br>Face and body correction, skin smoothing, background manipulations, photo restoration, high-end beauty and fashion retouch - one app for all your photo editing needs.<br><br>Retouch means you can edit your photos on your finger tip. Removing unwanted object from the photos, remove pimples and blemishes from the face and many more possible things.<br><br>All these things you can do by simply marking the objects on your photos and boom its gone by one touch button and also you can get rid of those using standalone photo editing softwares. <br><br><br>Best Features:<br>- Remove background.<br>- Change background.<br>- Upload a background from the gallery.<br>- Adjustment of the backlight and objects.<br>- Drawing up the rest of the removal on the object selected photos.<br>- Blur effect.<br>- Best filters.<br>- Shape-share effects on social media directly.<br>- Best selection of frames and the latest.<br>- Mirror effect.<br>- Additional editor features the best and latest.<br>- Many other additional features and effects.<br>- Save your photo directly in album.<br>- Easy to share on social network.<br><br>Touch and Retouch really help you to do the activity photograph in social media. come on please feel free to use it. Download now.<br><br>Thank you.