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Final Chronicle (Fantasy RPG)

**** SPECIAL PROMO: download TODAY and enjoy 7 days of MEGA FREE gifts: $139 value!! ****<br><br>BEST TURN-BASED RPG &amp; JRPG made for mobile devices!<br><br>■ SIMPLE &amp; ADDICTIVE <br>Simple and excitingly addictive turn-based combat system - tap skills for your heroes to kick evil butts old school style!<br><br>■ BEAUTIFUL HERO &amp; HEROINES<br>Create a formidable party with handsome heroes and beautiful heroines! - The lost prince, the beautiful seer, the agile ninja, the loyal knight, the amiable princess, the master ranger, the cute beast master, and the powerful warlock!<br><br>■ TREASURES, PUZZLES, TRAPS, SUPER BOSSES <br>Collect treasures, solve puzzles, avoid various traps, and fight invincible super bosses! - Medusa, Hellhound, Tomb Guardian, Grand Airship, Witch King, Alpha Dragon and more!<br><br>► Average 4.5 / 5.0 Rating with thousands of 5 STAR real user reviews!<br>► Apps and Applications Review: 9/10<br>► App Apes Review: 9/10<br><br>= KEY FEATURES =<br><br>► Enjoy an epic story told in 6 chapters!<br>► Customize your party from 8 unique heroes each with 2 skill sets!<br>► Enjoy addictive gameplay and great graphics!<br>► Hundreds of items, skills, talents, enemies, quests!<br>► Save Fairy Pets from Raid Bosses!<br>► Fight Guild Dungeons and Guild Wars with your friends!<br>► Send your heroes and followers on Bounty Quests! <br>► Battle other players for supremacy in the Arena!<br>► Explore differing game play modes and collect awesome prizes!<br>► Enjoy FREE gifts, treasures and login prizes every day!<br><br>Do you like fantasy RPG games? - Do you want to play one on your favorite phone or tablet? <br><br>Don't wait - embark on the journey of epic fantasy! - Download the best RPG for FREE today and get 7 days of MEGA FREE gifts!

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