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BlurBokeh - DSLR focus effect - Blur Background

🌸 BlurBokeh is employed to blur a photos &amp; apply some superb bokeh effects to that. <br><br>🌸 This BlurBokeh Effects application may be wont to reset the blur impact utterly. <br> <br>🌸 Blur image background is an effective blur photo editor, which can be used, to give your photo background, a blurry effect. <br><br>🌸 Blur unwanted portions of a picture effectively, &amp; give it a blur effect, using the blur picture filters, of this blur picture editor.<br> <br>🌸 BlurBokeh application is your ultimate BlurBokeh application. Now, you don't need a DSLR focus effect or you don't need be a professional photographer to craete a DSLR Style Blur Background effect on your image. <br> <br>🌸 Main Features:<br><br>🌸 You can pick image from Gallery!<br><br>🌸 30+ photo effects to apply or photos!<br><br>🌸 3 Modes of bokeh effects!<br><br>🌸 Apply best Filters on images!<br><br>🌸 Rotate Effects!<br><br>🌸 Apply cool fonts on images!<br><br>🌸 Easily adjust font size &amp; font color of your images!<br><br>🌸 Zoom In &amp; Zoom out tools for images!<br><br>🌸 Best stickers for decorating your pics!<br><br>🌸 Adjust effect percentage &amp; contrast percentage with the help of seek bars!<br><br>🌸 There are 10 Image Effects to apply on your photo!<br><br>🌸 Save image to your SD Card!<br><br>🌸 You can share photos to social Networks!<br><br>🌸 Download this BlurBokeh application now &amp; make beautiful Photo Effect &amp; share with friends &amp; family for best occasions in life. <br><br>🌸 If you love this Bokeh Effect application.<br><br>Thanks For Using This App...

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