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Do your friends really know you? Find out with MateQuiz ! Here’s how it works:<br><br>*Personalize your quiz<br><br>Use some of our suggested questions or write nine fun questions of your own about yourself. Quiz your friends about your life: your likes and dislikes, your achievements, and facts about what you’ve done and where you’ve been. Make the questions as easy or as difficult as you want. It’s your quiz! Don’t over think your answers. It’s not a standardized exam! These questions are for entertainment purposes only so just select the response that seems to describe you most accurately.<br><br>*Send a link<br><br>You will receive a personal link to your completed quiz. Send it to all your acquaintances so they can take your quiz.<br><br>*Get your results<br><br>Once your friends have answered your personalized questions, the Matequiz app will compile the results in a simple chart. You will be able to see immediately who scored the highest and the lowest on your quiz! Who will score the best? Prepare to be surprised! Your childhood best friend might score lower than one of your work colleagues!<br><br>*Understand the results<br><br>For every correct answer they select, your friends will receive one point. If they choose an incorrect response, they will not score any points for that question. A perfect score is nine points!<br><br>*Enjoy and share!<br><br>After your friends take your MateQuiz, they may want to challenge you to prove how much you know them! They can create their own quizzes to put their contacts to the test. Compare results to see who really knows whom.<br><br>*Give us feedback<br><br>At the end of every question, you have an opportunity to provide feedback. Don’t worry; it’s optional so if you don’t want to participate, just ignore the green and red thumbs at the bottom of each question. However, if you want to tell us you like the question, let us know by clicking the green thumbs up. If not, choose the thumbs down symbol. <br><br>Let’s get started! Create your MateQuiz right now! <br><br>If you have any questions about our website, drop us an email at: contact@matequiz.com.