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Mobile Flash

SEDEMAC's Mobile Flash is an easy-to-use, convenient and portable firmware upgrade application for SEDEMAC's controllers. This application upgrades firmware and configurations files for the controllers on-the-go. Application connects with the server in the background and downloads* the latest firmware and configuration files from the server. On connecting with the controller, application upgrades the controller with latest available software. Since the files are downloaded and stored on the mobile, upgrade can be done even in absence of internet connectivity.<br><br>Mobile phone's OTG** acts as an interface and provides plug-n-play experience when connected with the controller. With a simple user interface, the entire operation is intuitive and application is a perfect assistant of the technician for the firmware upgrade.<br><br>*An internet connectivity, either 2G/3G or WiFi, is required<br>** Mobile phone must have a functional USB OTG support