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Watch Face - Ultron Interactive

<b>★Feel Like Galaxy on Your Wrist And Many More Surprises..★</b><br> <br><br> Ultron Interactive Watch Face !! An Animated Futuristic Watch Face, with Hourly Chime Sound effect, Touch Sound Effects and many Interactive Features for Android Wear 2.0.<br><br><br> <br><br>★<b>Tap Features</b> (*Available Only in Premium Version)<br><br><br>✔ Tap on <b>WEATHER</b> on Watch Face to get 4 days Weather Forecast and Other Weather Info<br><br>✔ Tap on <b>"CENTER"</b>of Watch face to change colors of watch face with Touch.<br><br>✔ Tap on <b>"APPS"</b> on Left Lower side of Watch face for Apps Launcher<br><br>✔ Tap on <b>"STOPWATCH"</b> in App Launcher of Watch face for Interactive Stop watch.<br><br>✔ Tap on <b>"STEPS"</b>to Get Google Fit Data<br><br>✔ Tap on <b>"DATE"</b> on Lower side of Watch face to get Calendar Events<br><br>✔ Tap on <b>"Distance"</b> To Switch Between KM, Miles, Meters Distance Units<br><br><br><br><br><b>***<br>NOTE: FREE VERSION HAVE LIMITED FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS, ALL INTERACTIVE ACTIONS AND SHORTCUTS ARE AVAILABLE IN PREMIUM VERSION<br>***</b><br><br><br><br><br><b>★ Free Version</b><br><br>✔ Unique Style Futuristic Animated Watch Face, with Many Interactive Features.<br>✔ Android Wear 2.0 Fully supported.<br>✔ Standalone watch face for iPhone and Android users.<br>✔ Current Weather info<br>✔ Watch Battery Info<br>✔ Date, Day, Month Name<br>✔ Black &amp; White Ambient Mode.<br>✔ HD Graphics for All Watches Resolutions<br><br><br><br><b>★ Premium Version Features</b><br><br>✔ Hourly Chime Sound effect and Vibration on every hour<br>✔ Touch Sound Effect and Touch Vibration<br>✔ 10 Custom Futuristic Color Combinations (Touch on Center to Change Color)<br>✔ Interactive Stop Watch For Sports Activity<br>✔ Upcoming 4 Calendar Events info<br>✔ Weather Forecast for Next 4 Days, High/Low Temp, Wind Speed, Sunset/Sunrise info<br>✔ Two Weather Providers<br>✔ GPS or Manually Select Weather Location Option for Correct Weather<br>✔ Fully Accurate Pedometer with Google Fit Integration &amp; Distance Cover(in KM, Miles, Meter)<br>✔ Custom App Shortcuts, for System and Other Apps<br>✔ 12/24 Hour Digital Clock<br>✔ Screen Bright Time Option<br>✔ Full Colorful and Black &amp; White Ambient Modes.<br>✔ New Style Phone And Watch Battery With Color Combinations<br>✔ Date With Month and Day Name.<br><br><br><br><br><br><b>★Supported All Watches Resolutions</b><br><br>★Compatible with Android Wear Watches Only , Not for Samsung Watches<br><br>Moto 360 (1st Gen)<br>Moto 360 2015 (42mm, 46mm)<br>Moto 360 Sports<br>Huawei Watch<br>LG G Watch R <br>LG G Watch W100<br>LG Watch Urbane <br>LG Watch Urbane 2<br>Sony Smartwatch 3 <br>Samsung Gear Live<br>Asus ZenWatch (1,2,3)<br>Fossil Q<br>Casio WSD-F10<br>TAG Heuer<br><br><br><br><br><b>★How To Use</b><br><br>1. You Can Enable or Disable Sound effects and Vibration from Companion app<br>2. Please Enable "Location" or "GPS" in Phone To get Weather Info, with Active Internet Connection<br>3. Select Manual Weather Location in Companion App Settings To Set Your Manual Weather Location<br>4 You can change watch face colors with Tap or through Watch Face settings<br><br><br>★<b>How do I install the watch face on Android Wear 1.0?</b><br><br>1. After install run 'Re-sync app' from the Android Wear app<br>2. Long press your watch and choose "Ultron Watch Face" as your watch face, or select the watch face using the Android Wear app<br><br><br><br>★<b>How do I install the watch face on Android Wear 2.0?</b><br><br>1. Install it from Google Play Wear Store on your watch<br>2. Install the companion app for fully customization (Android phone devices)<br><br><br><b>★Useful Tip</b><br>✔ Sometimes you need to wait longer for transfer to watch<br>✔I recommend a bit of patience .<br>✔This is not caused by the watch face, but rather Android Wear app.<br>✔ If the watch face is not shown on your watch after few minutes, to try re-sync or follow these steps:<br>1. Disconnect devices (watch and phone)<br>2. Uninstall the watch face<br>3. Restart watch and connect device again<br>4. Then finally install the watch face<br><br> <br><b>★Our Wear face collection <a href="https://goo.gl/RxW9Cs">https://goo.gl/RxW9Cs</a></b><br><br><b>IMPORTANT NOTE:</b>Your watch Must have speaker to get Sound Effects<br><br><b>NOTE:</b>if any problem first email us before leaving a 1 star rating on Play Store

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