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Letter Smart-Word Search Peak

How many words can you find? Search the alphabet board and twist the jumble letters to spell as many words as you can! It's not an impossible task but it will challenge the real word nerd! Letter Smart is a brand new anagram puzzle game. It starts out very easy but gets tricky quickly. Lower in size but higher in quality, Letter Smart is so addicting that you may get hooked on it and can't even stop. Would you rather have a try? Take bold moves and start your journey now!<br><br>Several reasons you should get Letter Smart:<br>- SMART training game to fit and elevate your brain.<br>- WONDER trivia game to warp your mind.<br>- BONZA family game to bring you endless fun.<br>- FREE idle game to play with chums and friends.<br>- SIMPLE fun game even for kids learning abc.

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