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1st Up

1st Up by SocialChorus is a workforce communications app that helps companies reach employees with relevant, personalized information they need to do their best work. 1st Up solves the problem of poor employee engagement by keeping all workers informed and connected. Employees have one place to find out what’s happening at work—no more searching through emails and intranets to get information. Companies have an easier, faster way to publish content and news and can measure how many employees engaged with their content. <br><br><br>Why you’ll love 1st Up: <br><br><br>* An official source for all workforce communications—reach every worker with the information they need to know to do their best work.<br>* Push notifications and reminders for breaking news or time-sensitive tasks<br>* Ability to upload and share videos, photos, documents, or articles<br>* Personalized user experience with profiles and the ability to choose channels to follow<br>* A simple way to save and find important information with bookmarking and powerful search<br>* The ability for users to comment and share<br>* A powerful way to connect everyone at your company and create a better digital employee experience for all