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French spellchecker

The best spellchecker for French language! <br><br>That application combines a spellchecker, a dictionary, and a conjugaison table, Cordial Pocket is the ideal tool to learn French:<br>• You hesitate on a word or a text? Tape it in the spellchecker interface and Cordial analyses it and gives the perfect correction!<br>• You need to see the conjugation of a verb? Go to the conjugator and get by a single click all the conjugation of the verb wanted!<br>• You have a problem with a word? Visit the dictionary module offered by Pocket Cordial to know the definition. <br>• You want to show to your friends a word or a correction? See what you want, and then share information : Email, Facebook, Twitter, ...!<br>To put it short, with Cordial Pocket, you get a complete tool to carry everywhere : correction, dictionary, and conjugation. No need ever to search dozens of apps on the French language, Cordial Pocket gathers all the resources of French for you !<br><br>**** When you install the application, permissions are required to use some features. Please note that your personal information will not be used for commercial purposes. ****<br><br>---------------------------------------------------------<br><br>We are always happy to get feedback on our app ! If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us: developpeurs@synapse-fr.com.

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