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Indian Cricket Premium League

Here comes the new 2D cricket sports game from Taninty Game Studio. The goal of the match is to chase the target score and complete the objective in campaign. This game is inspired from IPL cricket.<br><br> ----------------------------------Game Modes----------------------------------<br><br>You can play a friendly match for time pass or if you want a series like IPL PSL season you can play the Indian Cricket Premium League tournament or if you like to play mission style you can opt in for campaign. The campaign is a story mode of fiction story of Chennai Super Giants in ICPL seasons.<br><br> ----------------------------------Buy Players----------------------------------<br><br>Hey you can also buy iconic star players for your team from auction and win match effortlessly.<br><br> ----------------------------------Upgrade and Customise User ----------------------------------<br><br>The good news is you not only play for your team but also for your own player. As a player you will be the captain of the any team you wish to play in friendly and tournament. You can also upgrade your batting and bowling skills and customise your batting and bowling style and you skin colour.<br><br> ----------------------------------Additional Features----------------------------------<br><br>It has Over Ten different stadiums<br><br>Like IPL, Available Teams are:<br>1. Chennai Super Giants<br>2. Delhi Kings<br>3. Gujarat Warriors<br>4. Kolkata Tigers<br>5. Powerful Punjab<br>6. Mumbai Nations<br>7. Pune Knights<br>8. Rajasthan Rockers<br>9. Rising Hyderabad<br>10. Royal Kings Bangalore <br><br>Apart from this, a two special team(Super India and World X1) is available to have a complete luxury experience.<br><br>More than 200 players <br><br>You can purchase batting and bowling card for achieving powerful shots effortlessly and minimize the target.<br><br>Energy cards are available in tournament for refilling team energy <br><br>You can also manage your team squad<br><br>For every match you get rewards in form of virtual currency and cards.<br><br>You can track your game stats<br><br>With In App purchase you can purchase virtual currency and special cards.

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