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NavCasts - Wear OS Podcast Player Offline Playback

If you are tired of taking your phone with you on runs or tediously transferring podcasts to you watch, then you have found the solution. <br><br>NavCasts is a standalone podcast app for Wear OS. Download, stream, and subscribe to your favorite podcasts all on your watch.<br><br>Features<br>-Sort episodes by Downloaded, New Releases, or In Progress<br>-Unplayed notifications<br>-Downloading or streaming of episodes<br>-Import your subscriptions easily from apps like PocketCasts<br>-Subscribe to podcasts on your phone for automatic syncing with any feed url<br>-Auto-download new podcasts while charging<br>-Sortable podcasts and up next playlists<br>-Remote playback and downloads from your phone or watch<br>-Material design with dynamic colors per podcast<br>-Android Auto Integration<br><br>Questions or suggestions? Please contact me at joelphilippage@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you!<br><br>The phone app is still in development, but can be used to subscribe, download, and listen to new podcasts and sync with your watch.