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Word - Word find & Crossword puzzle

<b><font color="#FFC0CB">Wonderful Word Puzzle</font></b><br>🌸 Do you like word games? If you do, take the challenge of this new crossword puzzle game, Word Garden! This word game mixes word search and crossword puzzle! Connect the right word in the Word Garden, to improve word find &amp; spelling ability, test vocabulary in your brain. Word Garden is an exciting crossword puzzle game. Swipe word blocks in the soil and let it bloom in the right word pot.<br><br>🌸 Activate your brain NOW, find the right word in crossword puzzle game with your friends and family. In word garden, connect more words as possible as you can. You can also help with shuffle and hint. Word garden is more abundant than word find, word search, or other crossword puzzle games, and it will inspire your unlimited potential!<br><br>🌸 Remember, the key of completing all levels is keeping your brain sharp and finding all hidden words in crossword puzzle game. Maybe there are many extra words, do word find and connect them. Word garden is a perfect word game with combination of word search and crossword puzzles. It make simple word find games more challenging and entertaining!<br><br><br><b> How to play </b><br>• Letters are placed in the soil randomly.<br>• Swipe letters on the soil and connect them.<br>• Select the right word in your brain, choose right letters in the soil, and it will be marked in the pot.<br><br><b> Key features </b><br>• Simple, sophisticated, new and addictive crossword puzzle!<br>• Brain can get better training with this crossword puzzle!<br>• Word Garden doesn't give you any time limitation. You can control the rhythm of word finding!<br>• When getting stuck, shuffle and hint button will help you to pass!<br>• Plenty of hidden words are waiting for you to find out!<br>• Returning the list of words, you can see the previous level,<br>• Word Garden challenge is suitable for all ages!<br>• No network required! <br>• Phones and tablets are supported.<br><br><b> Users feedback </b><br>We are committed to providing the best word game for players. We attach great importance to the player's feelings and your positive feedback is the greatest support for us. You can write your advice or suggestions in the comments. Also you can contact us via the email ( wordgarden@outlook.com ) or FB page ( https://www.facebook.com/Word-Garden-485316798474932 ).<br><br><br>🌸 Word Garden, overturn your imagination of traditional word game! With exquisite graphics, touching music and word search, word garden allows your brain to spin at high speed! Stop waiting, come to enjoy crossword puzzle game with your friends and family! Now, Download and Try this novel word find game!

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