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Rubek is a minimalist color based puzzle game. Roll a cube to pick up and match correct colors on the floor, as you make your way to reach the end point while figuring out a way to solve the puzzles. Play through 70+ handcrafted levels of mind bending difficulty and collect stars to compete on the global leaderboards.<br><br>FEATURES : <br><br>★ Mind bending puzzles <br>★ Beautiful minimalist aesthetic <br>★ 70+ hand crafted levels <br>★ Leaderboards integration <br>★ Supports Color blind option<br><br>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br><br>"If Monument Valley, Klocki, and Bluk had a baby I think it would look a little like Rubek" - Pocket Gamer<br><br><br>"Very Big Indie Pitch Nominee at Pocket Gamer Connects Bangalore 2016"<br><br>"Indie Game of the year finalist at Nasscom Game Developer Conference 2016"<br><br>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br><br>Stay updated with latest news on our social media :<br> <br>https://www.facebook.com/xigmagames<br>https://twitter.com/xigmagames