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Carrot Defense: Fantasy Tower Defense Battle Game

Carrot Tower Defense TD Battle Games(Grow Tower, Defend Kingdom, Hero Rush, Win the War) is a new fun tower defence battles game. You can grow towers and rush heroes attack the monsters to win the battles. Your tower can be upgraded or curshed. It's really a fun TD game.<br><br>【Game Features】<br>◆Classic heritage, comprehensive innovation - the most innovative masterpiece of mobile games. You can play anytime, anywhere and continue to adventure!<br>◆New map, experience upgrade - new map collective appearance, the new turret came to help out.<br>◆Heroes develop, full of fun - the game summons a hero system, you can replace different hero guard base<br><br><br>【How To Play】<br>Beautiful and delicate images, the operation is simple and quick, background music to force. From the very beginning, players have only a few types of turrets to slowly upgrade turrets and defeat wave after wave of enemies, during which time your enemies will also improve their skills and weaponry, and the difficulty of the game will escalate as the game progresses . The player's skills and decisions will determine their own survival. The game has a unique hero, a variety of novelty props, as well as a number of fun features of the level. Come and experience the thrill of the game!

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