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Spray The Wall 3D

Try how it feel to paint with spray on diffrent walls in 3D room. The rule of the game is simple, manipulating with spray you have to as accurately as possible reproduce the graffiti on the walls painted with faded color. When you finish to paint you have to select 'finish' button and the game will calculate the score – how much of your painting is similar to template, and depending on it you will be qualified to the next level.<br>In addition to the ordinary game mode there is also available 'Free Hand' mode in which you can freely choose the type of walls, and using spray paint whatever you want. In this mode you can at any time save your current project to file, and load it later, or send it to someone else (so others can load and explore your work in 3D spce). Of course at any time (int normal and 'Free Hand' mode) you can save screenshot to image file.<br><br>The game has: 10 paint colors, 2 size of spray, 17 different kinds of walls<br><br>Note! The game can work slowl on devices without graphic acceleration. In the game options you can disable special visual effects, that can speed up the game.