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ESA Check

ESA Check enables you to digitally create a visual inspection (eVHC) of your customer’s vehicle. You as Opel Partner will have all information gathered via ESA Check directly available for follow up processes within ESA WEB and which is available thru Global Connect. <br>Key functionality are the individually configured check lists, recording the current condition of related check list items, capturing damages to the car body and record all tire data. Offer your customers an objective basis for making decisions regarding the required maintenance and repair work. Illustrate analysis results in clearly arranged overviews to provide a service beyond service!<br>ESA Check has a transparent and intuitive user interface to search for &amp; enter vehicle data as well as present analysis results. Information is input during reception using a tablet so you always have all important functions available on a single, compact device. The complex active reception results are clearly illustrated for customers in simple terms to allow you to discuss them on location. <br>Mark damaged components by a click on a vehicle image, document issues using the photo function of your tablet. Use the 3 colours to easily display the current condition of the related item. Get the customers approval to perform the related repairs and print off the eVHC document to hand it over to the customer. <br>As a result, you will be able to inform customers about his current condition of his car and offer a service that goes beyond service.<br><br>Note: Only works for Opel Partners &amp; Workshops and associated Brands having access thru Global Connect to ESA WEB!