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Paranormal Weather Check

full description<br>*Requires internet connection for app to work*<br>This app will tell you some key factors before you go ghost hunting.<br>Take note of the paranormal weather before you start your investigation so you can work out the best times for spirit to communicate and respond to you.<br><br>This App Features:<br>• Current Solar X-Rays<br>• Current Geomagnetic Field<br>• Current Moon Phase<br><br>_____________________________________<br><br>Geomagnetic and Solar Impacts on Paranormal Activity<br> <br>The information on my app shows details of the moon's phase and information about the geomagnetic fields and solar activity. They are presented as a useful tool not only for us but for people who may be experiencing paranormal activity in their home or business. <br> <br>Paranormal = Energy<br> <br>In order to understand how natural conditions can impact the level of paranormal activity, it is important to understand a couple of main points. Many believe paranormal entities are a form of energy. Even the minority of researchers that do not agree have to agree on this second point. Paranormal entities need energy. <br><br>Why do most paranormal researchers believe that paranormal entities are a form of energy (or comprised mainly of energy)? Because when they are around, they can be measured using instruments that measure energy, whether electrical, thermal or magnetic. As for the second point, entities are able to tap into ambient supplies of energy, they typically draw on them in order to manifest. <br><br>Natural Energy Sources<br> <br>We are all familiar with energy sources. Every time we turn on a light switch we harness electricity. But solar and geomagnetic energy are two natural sources of energy that spirits can tap into. One is from the sun and the other from the Earth. <br><br>Solar Activity<br> <br>Our sun showers our planet with highly charged particles on a continuing basis. The majority of the particles is blocked by our magnetic field and is filtered through the atmosphere. Solar activity fluctuates. Sun spots and solar flares are times when the Earth is bombarded with more of the charged particles. So why do we care? Because paranormal activity can utilize this increase in energy to manifest.<br><br>The following categorizations are arranged from lowest “normal” to highest “mega flare”. <br> <br>Geomagnetic Energy<br><br>Where does the Earth’s magnetic field come from? Many scientists, much smarter than us, theorize that the magnetic field is the result of the molten metal that is present within the Earth’s core. This molten metal is constantly in motion and under intense pressure and heat. This creates the electromagnetic field that encompasses the planet. <br><br>Many paranormal researchers believe that paranormal entities are also able to tap into this energy source and like the solar activity; the Earth’s geomagnetic field is not consistent. There are times when the electromagnetic emissions are stronger than others. <br><br>Solar Activity and Geomagnetic Fields<br> <br>I mentioned about the energy from the sun and from the Earth’s magnetic field, the solar activity can impact the geomagnetic field as well. Typically after a solar flare, typically one to four days, the Earth is bombarded with the slower moving energy which results in a geomagnetic storm. Depending on the severity of the solar activity, the variation in the geomagnetic field can be extraordinary. So what happens in a solar storm? The Earth’s magnetic field can rapidly change in intensity and the particles within it can be highly energized. <br><br>So Why the Moon Data?<br> <br>The lunar cycle also impacts the geomagnetic field. The change in the geomagnetic field supercharges the particles again. It is reported that the period of new moon or full moon, plus three days before and after the actual new/full moon are very active paranormally since there is more energy around for them to tap into. <br><br>So what happens when a strong solar flare impacts the Earth around the full moon and you have a thunderstorm? "It’s paranormal bliss!"