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I’m Expecting - Pregnancy App

Join millions of other pregnant women and get I’m Expecting, the #1 pregnancy app! Track everything that's happening to you and your baby day by day and week by week.<br><br>I’m expecting pregnancy app provides you with weekly updates of what’s happening to your body and your baby. View weekly pregnancy videos and baby development videos. Track your symptoms and view top symptoms for each week.<br><br>Simply enter or calculate your due date to get started on your pregnancy journey. <br><br>KEY HIGHLIGHTS: <br>✔ Get weekly updates and tips on your baby’s growth and changes to your prenatal body. <br>✔ Weekly pregnancy guide videos<br>✔ Track your pregnancy symptoms and compare with other pregnant moms. <br>✔ Monitor weight throughout your pregnancy stages<br>✔ Watch your baby grow with fetal development images developed by medical experts<br>✔ Due date calculator<br><br><br>COUNTDOWN: <br>✔ Progress bar showing time remaining until your baby arrives<br>✔ Weeks and days remaining until delivery<br>✔ Cuteness overdose with daily baby pictures. <br>✔ Easy to use Due Date calculator<br><br>DAILY AND WEEKLY UPDATES: <br>✔ Get weekly pregnancy tips<br>✔ To do list to help you prepare for pregnancy and childbirth <br>✔ Weekly Prenatal Videos<br>✔ Weekly baby development videos <br>✔ Fetal development images developed by medical experts<br><br>WEIGHT TRACKING: <br>✔ Track your pregnancy weight <br>✔ Learn your healthy pregnancy weight range <br><br>SYMPTOMS TRACKING: <br>✔ Keep track of doctor’s appointments, tests and more <br>✔ Track all your symptoms and events in one calendar<br>✔ Compare and see if other pregnant women are experiencing the same maternity symptoms as you.<br>✔ Daily tracking calendar of symptoms, mood, medicine, weight, morning sickness, notes, baby kicks counter and contractions. <br><br>I’m Expecting pregnancy app provides the best tools and support for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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