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Сlaws Мutant X Glove Hand Simulator

Claws Mutant X Glove Hand Simulator<br>Claws Mutant X Glove Hand Simulator - Become a possessor of super human abilities!<br>As a joke, acquire fantastic claws, cutting even the most durable materials!<br>Master super strength!<br>In a joke, use it to fight against enemies!<br>Apply smashing blows with weapons of not too high power!<br>For each hit, gain experience points and unlock new claws!<br>Collect the entire collection for the most fierce battles!<br>The appendix presents a wide selection of military gloves!<br>Share the game with your friends and joke with exciting battles!<br>Have fun together and have fun! For a more realistic effect, the camera is used.<br> <br>Come on the place of the hero, who has unique capabilities!<br>In jest your strength and endurance will reach unprecedented rates!<br>Regeneration, which allows to survive even after mortal injuries to a person will not leave even the most fierce enemies!<br>Pull out razor sharp claws and engage in battle!<br>Take yourself on a long journey or a long queue!<br>Start fighting with your opponents, inflicting deadly blows, right now!<br> <br>Attention! The application was created for the sake of jokes and entertainment!<br>Leave your comments and ratings!<br>Play with us!