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Wali Timer

All in Tool desgined for Scrabblers which contains (as the names suggests) a scrabble timer, word checker and word search. <br><br>Key Features<br><br>Timer:<br>Shows elspased time per move<br>Shows move counts<br>pause/reset button<br>Allows you set time as desired.<br>has the option to challenge a move<br>The clock automatically pauses during a challenge<br>keeps a history of time duration per move<br>You can set names on the clock as well(optional)<br><br>Word Checker:<br>Allows you to check multiple words<br>Supports two widely used dictionaries<br>TWL and CSW15<br><br><br>Word Search:<br>The Word Search options currently supports the following searches:<br><br>Anagram Search<br>Length<br>Starts With<br>Ends With<br>Contains<br>Bingo Stem<br>2 Letters<br>3 Letters<br>Q without U<br>No Vowels<br><br>Graphics Designed by: Bilal Zafar<br>Email Id: bilalzafar023@gmail.com<br><br>*Requires Android 4.0 or above*

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