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SmartFoodTracker - Food Logger

Dont waste your time tracking calories, it doesnt work. Try modern method of keeping food balance: use smart graph. Imagine, for a moment that you could determine the food you need. Its very simple and efficient: therere five main food groups and theyre always in front of you. The only thing you need is to keep balance. Enjoy--- SMART FEATURES:* modern method* phones and tablets are supported* daily, weekly and monthly view* frequent, recent and favourite food list* works offline* no Ads--- WHY ITS SMART?Smart Food Tracker gives you simple and efficient way to keep food balance and stay healthy.--- WHATS a PRO edition?PRO edition gives you more control over food you eat. After food logging you can see result not only in food groups, but also in sub-groups. For example, to track meat and fish subgroups and to log all vegetable sub-groups. Its really useful and the price is equal to two cups of coffee. --- VEGETARIANS AND VEGANSTherere special profiles for vegetarians and vegans. All inappropriate food was excluded, like meat and poultry. The main changes are made in protein food group where special food ratio is used. Therere vegetarians in our team, so we really know which food tracker would be the best for you.--- WHATS THE BASE?USDA food recommendations were used for this service. Were similar to Supertracker, but were not its mobile food logger. So sync DOESNT work.--- USER REVIEWSUnfortunately, we cant answer your review. So, as soon as you have any problems or questions while using our Food Tracker, please, contact help@prusov.com. Well answer all the letters. Thank you