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Medicine Content

Medicine Content allows you to know your medicines in a better way, with 70000+ products in our database, here are some details which are provided about each medicine in this app: ■ Composition ■ Ingredient drugs ■ Side effects ■ Effects of ingestion during lactation ■ Effects of medicine during pregnancy ■ For what diseases type any medicine is ■ Manufacturer etc. This app comes with a whole lot of features, which can help Doctors, Medical Students, Medical Representatives and general users. Lets count some of its features: ■ Medicine search (general medicine search by medicine name or part of name) ■ Drug search (for searching for medicines in which a specific drug is used as an ingredient) ■ Multiple drug search (allows you to search for medicines having some specific drugs as ingredient) ■ Substitute search (allows you to search substitutes for any medicine) ■ Symptom search (helps its users to find medicine for a specific symptom like headache etc.) Medicine Content is a creation of Devoneer Apps, so as to help its users out with its medicinal solutions, details, substitutes and lots more. You can also get a custom android app for your business by just leaving us a message at: http://www.devoneerindia.com/contact/ we will surely come back to you. Important Notice: You must not rely on this application alone to remember to take your prescriptions or to replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult with your healthcare professional. App Support: If you have any feature requests, suggestions or you simply need help, please visit http://www.devoneerindia.com/contact/ and leave us a message. Our support team will surely see to your query/request/suggestions.